We, along with many other winemakers, are convinced that the vineyards make the wine. No good grapes, no good wine… with that said, by experience, we know as well that growing good grapes is not enough.

Indeed, after pampering the vineyards for a number of months, the grapes finally reach maturity. The work of the winegrower is finished: he has done all he can to produce the best grapes. The job of the winemaker however is just beginning. For many more months, they must take great care to reveal the essence of the grapes.


Here, we will not talk about the maturity of seeds or stems, because ripe or not, you never would drink the juice coming from them.


We are there to monitor the grapes during their transformation into wine but we humbly stay behind it.


The different wines, grape varieties and plots can be blended at different moments of the year.

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