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Amiel paysan family

• The grave of the Amiel family, situated in the most ancient part of Sainte-Eulalie Church in Montblanc, tells us that our family lived in the village long before the 15th century.

• The “compoix” (a notarized list of belongings) of Jehan Amiel in 1605 notes 5 acres of land in a place called Mourèses. We still grow more 8 acres of grapes there today.

• Surprising anecdotes and many nicknames, have illustrated the close relationship between the family and its land over the centuries (see the books “Les Amiel de Montblanc, Famille Paysanne” and “Les vieilles familles de Montblanc”).

• We are at least the 14th generation and wish to give a particular homage to the 2 that precede us: our grandfather Jean (deceased 1993) and our father Didier, both of whom were only children, could have ended the legacy.

• Since february 2016 we are happy to see the new generation with little girl “Baïa”, Jordan & Jessie’s daughter!