The first 2014 wines available soon!

Dear clients and Dear friends,

Mid-march we will be bottling some new wines from 2014 vintage:

  • Le Rolle dans la Peau : a white wine based on Vermentino macerated on its skins for one week and then aged in oak barrels for 4 months… A U.F.O. with some tannins, a very broad aromatic range and a great acidity that will build your appetite!
  • A Coural : a blend of Syrah and Grenache in a very classic Languedoc style – fruit, richness and pleasure…
  • Mounto Daballo : a fruit bomb, light a little peppery made from Cinsault. it might be difficult to respect the “enjoy responsibly” advice here…
  • A l’Ouest : again powerful this year, the 2014, still based on Merlot show very dark fruit with notes of spices and leather. Not for the faint of heart!!!

You fill find them next to the still available 2013 :

  • Farem Tot Petar, the natural sparkling rosé
  • A Elise, the white wine aged in oak for 8 months
  • Carillon, the carignan fruity and lively
  • A Peïssou & A Jean, the more serious guys aged in oak for a year

And at the end of next spring you’ll also find more 2014 :

  • Le Rosé des Gonzesses 
  • A Elise
  • Carillon


To enjoy the wines, feel free to come to the estate (on appointment, every day) or just shoot us an email, we deliver everywhere!


Enjoy your tasting…