One thought on “Video #3 Spraying

  1. Hello, Aumeric!
    I don’t know whether you remember me but I have visited you a couple of times and I met you in London at the ‘Raw’ wine event. Needless to say, I love your wine and admire the fantastic efforts you go to, to make it special.
    I am also interested in your videos. I have completed Level 2 and 3 in wine and spirits through The Wine and Spiritt Trust (WSET) and just starting the Diploma. Even though I will never use the qualification in the workplace (I’m too old!!), I am a a great wine enthusiast – not just the drinking of it but the whole production. I suppose it’s because I used to be a Science teacher. It’s good to see visuals when learning. Are you going to make any more? I certainly hope so! I also hope to visit you again to replenish my wines in my apartment in Cap D’Agde. Unfortunately, I won’t be hiring a car until October so it won’t be until then.
    I hope your work in making biodynamic wines goes from strength to strength, you know I’m a great fan!
    Kind regards.

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