Over the generations, the family vineyard has expanded, divided and reconstructed. Some plots were purchased and others sold. Many were uprooted and news ones planted. In 2012, the family estate had about 17 hectares of vineyards and almost one hectare of woods and open fields.

As brothers, we took over around 9 of these 17 hectares with the rest belonging to our parents. Everything is organically farmed with constant attention to quality and care for the plant. Our vines are between 15 and 35 year-old and this means their root system is well established. Vines at this age are in their prime.

Strategic restructuring of the vineyards is already in the works (buying neighbors vineyards or open fields, ripping off and replanting vines, planting trees…); we consider ourselves to be borrowing the land from our children. We strive to make it better for them.